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Novo (New) + Topia (place or location) = a really cool-sounding name.

The publishers of this magazine are just a couple of local oddballs named Mina and Richard who have a little spare time and an interest in web design. This site is a combination of Richard's doodling in php (“all done in a text editor!”), Mina's wandering mind and cool stuff we like.

This site does not currently make money or charge for ad space; most of these people are friends and the links are simply things we like. We are not affiliates or partners of the links we post, in most cases we're just fans sometimes not even that.

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What We're About

Novotopia is about Southern California, especially Oxnard, Ventura and Los Angeles. We love these places and we want to do what we can to preserve and promote the things we love about the place where we live. That's why Novotopia is part travel guide, part political guide, part cookbook, songbook, glossary, map. Some of the resources are really quite handy so please bookmark your favorite page.

Please sign up and help us find cool links, events, and things to show our friends. If you don't want to do all that, you can just send email to our editor: Let us know what you think.

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Many Thanks

To David Sawyer McFarland, who wrote CSS, The Missing Manual from O'Reilly. This book is wonderful addition to any library and I've blatantly used some of his examples as templates for this site.

Robot Art thanks to Ryan Bunter at Check out Ryan's anime webzine at Ima To Eien Ni.

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