"She was asking for trouble,"
say friends.

Her associates say that she was the first to notice that the only local rooster had disappeared and suspected the local humans were the culprits. Members of the community scoffed at first, but now the disappearance of Big White was cast in a much more sinister light. "I believe that the humans have something to do with this. We know they routinely steal our eggs," she argued, "but I suspect that they are a much more malicious force in Chicken society!"

"Granite just couldn't accept the status quo," says an anonymous source. "She kept saying that all chickens are created equal and have inalienable Chicken rights."

Just prior to her disappearance, she had begun to to make her views much more public by perching on the fence near the broccoli eatery to address the whole community.

"Fellow Chickens," she'd shout, "don't be fooled by the humans! They are not our benefactors! In reality they are our oppressors! Remember that the Chickens control the means of egg production and therein lies power. Do not meakly eggcept our opposition. Let us rise and take the mantle of power that is rightfully ours. Power to the Chickens!"

Many community members were made uncomfortable by her challenge to all Chickens that they deny power to the humans in whatever way they could. In her last speech, she advocated the creation of a secret organization of ninja Chickens that could strike at the humans in their lair.

Dogs deny human link. "We're no stoolies."

Rumors spread that the humans had learned of these plans from their dog lackeys "Sure, the dogs don't seem to pay attention to us," opines Freddy, "but I've been around and seen things. Those dogs are perfectly positioned to hear everything and report back to the humans. One of them even lives in the humans lair. In fact, those dogs are always hungry for human approval and may be involved in the disappearance."

Community member began to fear human reprisal, so the disappearance of an opposition leader carries some dark implications. "Who will disappear next?" asks Junior Red.