Music and lyrics by Mary Knapp

When I was still in bobby socks my brother and I
were out climbing on the rocks where the wind blows high
and though shadows were impending against the sky,
we were still pretending that we could fly

And though we knew that dinner was almost on
and though we knew we should have already gone
we were still full of laughter and play,
"Let's climb up" I heard my brother say
and before I knew it he had fallen
down into a crack and he couldn't get back
and in the dark his little voice was calling

With a lump in my throat, I ran and told my Dad
and as he grabbed a rope and coat I quietly added
"I would never again let my brother fall"
I looked straight ahead and I stood up tall
but as a I lead my Daddy back to the place
it was terror that set my pace
though the night saw my brother safe in bed
my fears were echoed by what he said
he said "Before I knew it I had fallen
down into that crack and before you came back,
I didn't think that you could hear me calling."

Birds do fly on the wind
and children love to pretend
but shadows reach both high and deep
and rocks come loose where rocks are steep
and guardian angels sleep

well we have grown both my brother and I
but the years have shown how many perils lie
in a world that we do not control
for the ones we love or for our own souls

and when my brother fell that hour
I started to learn but now I know that we are
not nearly as strong as all the winds that blow
or the forces that act with an under tow

and as before we know it we are falling
in so many ways, and we are amazed
as we hear ourselves a children calling

So if your climbing on the rocks some time
and you hear a sound like a child crying
don't assume it's a bird flying out of view
or that what heard wasn't meant for you.

Maybe someone was walking when the wind was high
and shadows grew long until they filled the sky
Maybe someone was walking out all alone
Maybe somebody's brother far away from home
and before they knew it they had fallen
down into a crack and they couldn't get back
and the sound you hear is someone calling